Aboriginal Safehouse604-254-5147

Youth who meet the following criteria can access the Safehouse:

  • 16-18 year-old youth in need of shelter
  • Looking to make a positive change in your life
  • Willing to actively work towards positive change in your life
  • Must want to be here by your own choice
  • Must be respectful to staff and other youth in the house
  • Must be 72 hours clean of hard drugs
  • Must not have stayed at either Vancouver Youth Safehouse in the past 7 days

Directions Safehouse– 604-877-1234 or 1-877-609-2200

Located in Vancouver.Safe House is a voluntary 7-day co-ed residential program for youth aged 16 – 18 years who are absent from home and street-involved or in danger of becoming so. 24-hour voluntary intake, provides 3 meals a day, hard drug free and goal-oriented service.

Covenant House604-685-7474

Our 54-bed crisis shelter offers safe housing, food, clothing and counselling to young people aged 16 – 22 on a first-come, first-served basis. Upon intake, we see to a young person’s immediate needs first, which is usually medical attention, food and rest. During the first three days, a youth worker sits down with a young person to learn about what brought them to Covenant House and to see how we can help. An individualized plan is created and young people meet with a youth worker twice daily to ensure progress is being made and that the young person’s needs are being met. Plans vary from substance misuse counselling, to treatment for mental illness, to finding a job and a safe place to live.

All Nations604-584-2625

Located in Surrey. Safe house with 6 beds and meals for at-risk, self-referred youth ages 16 to 18 of all nations. ANYSH is a 7-day emergency stay, with the possibility of extension based on weekly review. Each resident is assigned a key worker who assists the youth in developing an individualized service plan of daily goals to secure housing.

Staff assist youth to locate job opportunities, training, housing, and schooling. Youth are encouraged to be goal oriented, and are supported with individualized case planning when appropriate. Youth must be clean/sober 72 hours, with no drug use at the shelter.

After Hours–604-660-4927

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